We were not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but at the beginning of 2019, we wrote down some dreams, passions, inspiring artists, and brands. After some thought, our founder decided to create the brand she wanted to work for. After a few months of beginning a newly-adopted fitness regimen, getting her personal trainer certification in the process, always out photographing everything under the sun, and driving through the neighborhood, MESA, the name was born. MESA: mid 18th century: Spanish, literally ‘table’, from Latin mensa. If you didn’t already know, MESA means table. Not just in Spanish, but in various languages and cultures. In geology, it’s also a flat-topped (like a table) hill. We also name cities and streets and restaurants with this term. Why name it table then? Easy answer. A table represents a lot. Community, a place to find nourishment, a place to meet, converse, be heard, & listen. Maybe you fight at the dinner table, stand up, and leave, but when you’re ready, you come back, sit down, and you grow. Sometimes it’s a place we spend hours working and grinding. It’s a place that seating should be unlimited. No one left out. It’s a simple word with lots of depth. Whenever you wear, work, or lounge in this apparel, know you’re representing something that values health, humanity, growth, & hard work. With those things also comes the creativity, fun, & attempt to not take things too seriously. We have dreams to empower our community, build a network of professionals that are compensated to hold free or affordable classes for the community. We want to host events, collaborate, offer resources to people who don't have the capability to invest in their well-being. More of this to come.